Sauna is a one-sided newspaper. Sauna is located at the opposite side of Angst.

To build a Sauna, construct four walls and a ceiling, waterproof it, make a door, install a stove where you can heat up sauna rocks. Ready? Drizzle the rocks with water. Steam. Repeat.

Sauna is a commons of information / an attempt at 'honesty' which has been hijacked and abandoned by Modern news.

Sauna's presentation murmurs with the hodgepodge familiarity of bathroom stall graffiti. But what are the contents of one-sided news? It looks like throw-up poetry of a printed craigslist: rants, breaking news, party dates, classified ads, bad translations, bad advice, and still a lot more to discover.

Sauna will terminate definitely after six issues. To publish in Sauna, submit short-form content to We accept questions also, thank you.